Products & Services

The Heartland Healthcare Coalition utilizes the leverage of its large block of lives represented by our members to purchase health care products and services at a very competitive price while insuring a high level of quality and service.

Our current value added products and services include:    

Centers of Excellence

Dental Plans (Regional & National)

CIGNA Dental

CIGNA Dental offers a variety of dental plan options for Employers to choose from, including PPO’s and Traditional Indemnity plans. CIGNA Dental PPO’s, for example, let your employees choose any dentist, in or out of the preferred network. Coverage includes most preventive procedures at low cost or no cost to members. Network dentists agree not to bill members for the difference between plan payment and  usual fees, which saves your employees out of pocket expenses.

Delta Dental of Illinois & Missouri

Delta Dental’s PPO provides an extensive network of dentists within the region and nationally (over 141,000 dentists participate in their PPO nationally). Their PPO option combines freedom of choice with cost savings incentives. Network dentists agree to reduced fees, lowering out-of-pocket costs for enrollees and claims costs for employers.

Pharmacy Network Options (Regional & National)

Optum Rx

OptumRx offers one of the industry’s most flexible PBM program. As one of the three largest participants in the PBM and Specialty Pharmacy sector, OptumRx creates smarter health care connections to help more than 65 million Americans realize improved care, lower costs and a better overall experience. Adapting to fit each client’s needs, OptumRx utilizes the power of data and technology to provide insights and recommendations employers need to anticipate market trends, evaluate plan performance and calibrate overall benefit strategy.
OptumRx understands the unique requirements of employers in the health care environment and this engagement enables you to take advantage of savings and access to the industry leading PBM services built to your specifications. Employers who choose OptumRx receive the following advantages: 
• Innovative and tailored solutions
• Dedicated account management 
• Patient-centered BriovaRx® specialty pharmacy
• Best-in-class implementation and customer service 
• Formulary and Utilization Management options
• Formulary and Utilization Management options 
• Medicare Part D and Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) Services and Support

CVS Caremark

CVS Caremark pharmacy benefit management services are designed to deliver effective and appropriate medicines with the greatest cost savings. They place a premium on convenience, offering plan participants the choice of getting their medicines at one of more than 64,000 participating local retail pharmacies or through the Caremark mail service pharmacies for home delivery of maintenance medications.

Regional and National Vision Care Services

Vision Service Plan

VSP has more than 26,000 doctors in 20,000 offices across the country. Whether your employees live in the city, suburbs, or rural areas, VSP doctors are nearby- an Average of only four miles from where the Members live or work. What’s more, VSP Doctors provide both eye exams and Eyeware, making them a convenient “one-stop” means of obtaining eyecare benefits.

Reverse Auction RFP (Disability, and other Ancillary Benefits)

Holmes Murphy

Dependent Eligibility Audit


This Dependent Eligibility Audit is available to HHC members who want to be sure that only those dependents of employees who are eligible for medical coverage are kept on the employers plan. HMS works very closely with employers to provide the level of services that is desired for this process.